The Tickle Trunk Turns 10! - Giveaway Package Number 3 - Fuze

The Tickle Trunk Turns 10! - Giveaway Package Number 3 - Fuze

We first came to know Fuze as Happy Valley, back just when the Tickle Trunk store was brand new.  We had seen their dildos, which were very different  than anything we'd seen anywhere else, in other stores and went on a hunt to find them.  We were delighted to find out that their manufacturing was based right here in Canada!

Happy Valley always had a commitment to quality, body-safe products, and great design.  Furthermore, they were one of the few companies at the time that were very conscious of the fact that people experience their gender and their sexuality in all kind of different ways - and they made toys that respected and worked with that.

As Happy Valley grew and expanded its line, it morphed into Fuze, which, we were suprised to find, is even better.  Fuze is not manufactured in Canada but they've kept the same commitment to quality and began to experiment with newer and better ways to design toys.  They developed an amazing line of plugs that can accommodate bullet vibrators (which most of their toys do, by the way.  They changed the base of their dildos so that they would fit more easily and more ergonomically into a harness.  They added a line of realistic toys which have, get this, a variety of skin tones!  And some of the models have foreskin!  The have recently come out with a line of dils with bases that are suctions cups AND they suction to each so you can create a perverted building block fantasy and make your own double-ended toys!

Yep, Fuze is pretty awesome.  And so is Susan, who's been our primary contact since the Happy Valley days.  When I told her about our 10th birthday, she was the first one to jump on board and graciously gave us one of their brand new toys, the Tango Real, for this giveaway.  We've also thrown in a Fuze Major.  This package includes a 3-speed bullet, because both toys have a spot for that, and a 4oz bottle of blossom lube, because with all the fun you're going to have with this package, you're going to need some lube.  All of these together are worth $239.

You can enter to win this awesome package by dropping in to the store before February 2.  Every time you come in, you'll get one draw ticket and you'll get to choose which prize you enter to win.  Prizes will be drawn on Monday, February 4.


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