The Tickle Trunk Turns 10! - Giveaway Package Number 5 - No More Wet Spots!

The Tickle Trunk Turns 10! - Giveaway Package Number 5 - No More Wet Spots!

I met Lano and Jodi from No More Wet Spots at one of the Taboo shows five or six years ago.  I fell in love with their blankets immediately.  We'd had blankets from another company in the store off and on but they I didn't love them - they were very heavy and bulky, didn't wash as nicely as you would like, and they were expensive. NMWS is exactly the opposite.  I got one right away to try out and loved, loved, loved it.  I loved it so much that I got another and brought them into the store to sell.  They've been a fixture ever since.

So yes, we love the blankets but we also love the company.  First of all, they are local Albertans!  How great is that????  Secondly, because of that, Lano often comes and drops the blankets off to me at the store in person.  How's that for service.  Third, they are just great human beings.  They support the local kink communities in Edmonton and other parts of Alberta and they support local charities as well.

I didn't even tell Lano about the birthday giveaways.  He just offered to give me an extra blanket for free to giveaway however I wanted.  So we've NMWS one of our ten.  This giveaway is super sweet.  It includes a regular size (50" x 60") blanket and we've thrown in a mini (30" x 36") blanket.  They are both purple so they coordinate together.  PLUS, because you can make a mess on a NMWS blanket and not worry about it, we're including and Earthly Body massage oil (another company we love) and a 4 oz Blossom water-based lube.  This package has a total value of $179.

You can enter starting January 14 by dropping into the store.  You'll get a draw ticket each time you visit so visit often.