The Tickle Trunk Turns 10! - Giveaway Package Number 6 - Rocks Off!

The Tickle Trunk Turns 10! - Giveaway Package Number 6 - Rocks Off!

Our 6th birthday giveaway is from Rocks Off!  We chose them because they make toys that are great quality, super-reliable, reasonably priced, and truly innovative.  And in the spirit of way TMI, they make my favourite toy in the whole world - the 4US Ring.

My love affair with the 4US ring began in July 2010 at the AVN show in Los Angeles.  I had never heard of Rocks Off before that day.  They had a great booth at the show, with their awesome little bullets vibrating away in fishbowls full of water.  I was mesmerized by the bullets until I saw it - the strangest vibrating ring I had every seen.  The RO rep explained to me why it was shaped that way - so that the vibration transfers into the body rather than just staying in the toy.  He then showed me, by putting the ring on a silicone dildo, what that might vibration might feel like.

From there the conversation went like this:

Me: so can I order this now?

Him:  well, this is a prototype, they will be out in a few months.

Me:  approximately when, do you think?  I'd like to get this as soon as possible.

Him:  it should be early fall

Me:  what about this one here, could I have this one?

Him:  well, no, I'm sorry, that's a prototype for the show

Me:  I would certainly pay for it.  How much would you like me to pay for it?

Him:  I'm sorry, we can't sell our demos, we need them for the show

I was not able to convince him to give me one but as promised, in early fall, I got my ring.  It did not disappoint.  It has been one of our best sellers ever since.

Since that time, they've upgraded the 4US ring to included a 7 speed bullet (it was only one speed at the time) and introduced many other toys, like the popular naughty boy and cheeky boy prostate vibrators.  They just added a line of plugs and beads that uses their 7-speed bullet.  These have already become big sellers for us.

So we want you to share in the fun we've had with Rocks-Off.  Our RO rep has been extremely generous and provided some awesome toys.  This package includes two new toys that have their rechargeable 10-speed bullets - the Bad-Boy Intense and the Rise masturbator.  And, because we can't have a RO package without the ring that started it all, we are including the Teaz and Pleaz kit which includes the 4US ring and their adorable Ramsey Rabbit.  This package is worth $299!

You can enter by dropping in to the store anytime between now and February 2.  Each time you visit, you'll get one entry, and you can decide which package you want to enter for.