The Tickle Trunk Turns 10! - Giveaway Package Number 9 - Aslan

The Tickle Trunk Turns 10!  - Giveaway Package Number 9 - Aslan

I first learned about Aslan leather through another great sex-positive shop, Good for Her.  I was impressed with the quality and style of their harnesses.  So when it came time to open my store, I knew these were the first harnesses  I wanted to bring in.

Why do I love Aslan?  Well, first of all, they are a Canadian company.  Wherever possible, we want to support and promote Canadian business.

Secondly, their quality is outstanding.  They have a clear design aesthetic and they very much stick to that while still creating a beautifully diverse line of products.  Aslan guarantees its leather products for life!  If you blow a rivet or a seam comes apart, they will fix it for you.

Third, but definitely not last, they are totally queer positive.  Many of their staff people, admin, owners, and sales people are queer.  Their marketing depicts all kinds of people of all types of skin colors, body shapes, genders, and gender expressions, wearing and using all kinds of products.  They do not gender their toys and or their marketing of those toys.  They clearly believe that all people can be sexy and sexual and can express that in a variety of ways - and believe me if you've never been to their website, it is very hot!  Go check it out!

Our Aslan giveaway package is incredible.  It includes a Cherry Jaguar G harness made of beautiful soft red leather (this is the style with one strap in the back instead of two) and a pair of flashy silver vinyl cuffs - plus a double clip connector to put your cuffs together.  This package is worth $199.  You can enter to win by coming by the store anytime from now until February 2.  Every time you visit, you'll get an form to enter into the draw for the package of your choice.