The Tickle Trunk Turns Ten! - Giveaway Package Number 7 - Tantus

The Tickle Trunk Turns Ten! - Giveaway Package Number 7 - Tantus

Tantus is one of our favourite companies not just because they make great products, but because they are great citizens of the sex toy industry and the sex positive community at large.

I don't actually remember when I first met Metis Black, owner of Tantus, It feels like I've always known her because I was watching Tantus' site and reading Metis' articles about sex toys and safety long before the Tickle Trunk even opened.  In fact, Tantus was one of the places I got my information about sex toy safety way back when I worked for a less reputable company that wouldn't provide that information itself.

Tantus has always been a leader not only in making great quality toys, but also in pushing the entire industry to do better.  Metis has partnered with other toy makers and sex educators to create product education programs for sex shop owners and their staff - encouraging them to know and understand the products they sell.

Metis is also actively involved in the sex positive community in the USA, speaking at and sponsoring events like CatalystCon, and helping to spread awareness and organize people around the threats to privacy, safety in sex work, and the right to self-determination.

On top of all of that, Metis and Mike have started a BDSM division of Tantus called Bido.  This line adds top quality floggers and bondage rope to their line of silicone paddles.  Mike hand turns many of these flogger handles himself - I know this because he and my machinist husband hit it off right away in Los Angeles last year and spent quite some time nerding out together about metal work. you can see, I love Tantus and Metis and all the great work they do.  Tantus was great to get on board with our giveaway, given us two of their awesome silicone paddles and a 30 foot length of beautiful silvery rope.  We've also added a super soft capsule butt plug.   This package is worth $189.

If you would love to win these items, and who wouldn't,  drop by the store from now until February 2.  You'll get one entry every time you visit and you can pick the package you want to enter to win.