The Tickle Trunk Turns Ten - Prize Giveaway Number 4 - We Vibe!

The Tickle Trunk Turns Ten - Prize Giveaway Number 4 - We Vibe!

I don't even know where to start with We Vibe.  So I guess I'll start at the beginning.

I first heard of We Vibe at the very first toy trade show I ever went to, the AVN in Los Angeles.  This was before the Tickle Trunk store was even open.  Melody and Bruce Murison were there with their prototype toy which would be available for purchase soon.  They said it was a toy like no other, that had never been seen before.  I looked at it and said 'meh, nice idea but it won't work'.

I was wrong.  After the toy became available, I bought one so I could see if it really lived up to the hype.  To my great surprise, it did.  It worked as they said it would.  I was a convert.  I began selling the We Vibe  and have never looked back.

What made We Vibe (actually Standard Innovation, the company that created it) so great is that they didn't play by the rules of the industry, they made new ones.  We Vibe recently celebrated its 10th anniversary and on that occasion I wrote a post about all the ways that they've changed the industry.  You can read that post here.

It would be difficult to overstate the importance of We Vibe to sex toy retail and to the Tickle Trunk.  They brought new life into an industry that had relied on the status quo for decades.  They opened it up to mainstream marketing.  They challenged boundaries with new technologies.  AND they are Canadian.

Over the years I've gotten to know several of the sales reps at Standard Innovation (now W.O.W.), but Kitty is the person I know best.  My visits with Kitty are always a highlight of my trade show trips.  When I told her about the Tickle Trunk's 10th, she was quick to offer some amazing prizes.  The We Vibe giveaway is awesome!  It includes:  a We Vibe Sync, a We Vibe Nova, plus a We Vibe 10th Anniversary water bottle, and a We Vibe USB power bank, so that you can charge your toys when you're on the go.  This package has a total value of $409.  Thanks We Vibe!  

You can enter to win by dropping into the store from now until February 2.  Every time, you visit, you'll get one entry which you can put into any of the 10 gift package draws.