The Tickle Turns 10! - Giveaway Number 10 - Vibratex

The Tickle Turns 10! - Giveaway Number 10 - Vibratex

In the world of sex toys, there are some products that become legends.  These are products that everyone, even if they've never used a sex toy in their life, recognizes.    There are only a few legendary sex toys and our final company in our giveaway is responsible for two of them:  the Rabbit Habit and the Magic Wand.

I first learned about Vibratex through the infamous Sex and the City Rabbit episode.  I am the biggest Sex and the City fan in the world but I came to the show a little late so by the time I saw that episode, I was already selling sex toys.  I had seen a lot of copies of that toy - in fact, the party company I first worked for was selling some of them - and I didn't think all that much of them.  When I started my own company, one of my distributors had started carrying the real Rabbit Habit and that's where I made the connection.  This Rabbit was different.  It was clearly better quality both in materials and in mechanical construction.  And I knew by the packaging (which was different back then) that it was the one that was on the show.

I put the Rabbit on my party list the second it became available to me and have been carrying a variety of Vibratex toys ever since.  

When I opened the store 10 years ago, I got requests for the Magic Wand almost immediately.  It has continued to be one of our best sellers - especially since it's cousin, the rechargeable Magic Wand arrived a few years ago.

Why do I love these toys so much?  First and foremost, the quality and innovation.  Vibratex was the first to come out with a Rabbit and they were the first to have a super-intense mass market Wand style massager.  Many people have copied them since but few have matched the quality of these originals - even decades later.

Second, Vibratex has a great sense of humour and an outstanding commitment to customer service.  Their booths at the shows have always been a treat to visit and their sales reps have never failed to give us accurate, thorough information.

When I asked our Vibratex rep if they wanted to contribute to our giveaways, he gave us a ridiculously generous package that's worth more than $500!  It contains  their adorable Amie and Bestie rechargeable vibes and the Quiver and Nimbus vibrators.  You can enter to win this package by dropping into the store.Winners will be drawn on Monday, February 4.